Social Media

Could you generate leads from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Some businesses can do really well from Social Media. Your advert could be seen by very specific groups of people, for example:

  • By Location
  • By Age
  • By Gender
  • By Profession
  • By interests

Example campaign #1:

You may choose to show your adverts to women aged 20-35 in Birmingham. If this small scale campaign works, you may choose to expand into other cities. You only pay based on the number of impressions and you can limit the budget to, for example, £1 per day.

Example campaign #2:

Your advert could be seen, for example, based on the interests of the audience. So, you may choose to target men aged 50-60 who are interested in fishing.

Our view on social media advertising.

While this sounds good, targeting your specific auidience, results vary greatly and doesn't work for everyone. We have seen alot of companies blow alot of money on this, however we are happy to give you our honest opinion and explore your options.