Pay Per Click

Are you looking to get more leads, quickly?

We can help you get near the top of Google for certain phrases within 60 minutes.

How does this work?

We work with you to decide the phrases that you want to be getting more leads from. We then use our knowledge of Google AdWords and other search engines to help you get near the top of the listings for these phrases.

Does it take long to get near the top of Google?

Usually a well written campaign could appear near the top of Google within 60 minutes of us pressing “go”!

How much would a Pay-Per-Click campaign cost?

The choice is yours! You pay Google for each click you recieve. So you might be paying google 30p per click and you might be getting 100 clicks per day. In this case you would be paying £30 per day. However, you can choose to just spend £1 per day if you prefer. You only pay each time you recive clicks, and you can stop the campaign at any time. Most clients start slowly, and ramp it up when it starts to work.

Are there any downsides to uising Pay-Per-Click advertising?

Yes! You have to pay for each click you receive and it is really easy to waste a lot of money. However we have 18 years experience building adword campaigns. This means that you should get a well crafted, efficient campaign really quickly.

What are the upsides of using Pay-Per-Click advertising?

We think this is the fastest way for a business to bring in new clients. We have seen it transform businesses within hours. You also have complete control if you want to turn the campign either up or down.

How might this work for you?

With your help, we would choose around 20 key-phrases. We would then put together some adwords campaigns and you could be top of Google within the hour. Also you can stop or pause the campaign 5 minutes later if you change your mind. You may, for example spend £100 per month and get 500 clicks. Or you might pay £5 per month for 20 clicks, the choice is yours.

Would you like to learn more?

Please contact us for an informal chat.